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"My Goal is to leave a
Positive legacy that will outlive me.



Brandon White (born August 22, 1986, Atlanta, Georgia), professionally known as Positive B White, is an African American entrepreneur, author, host, and businessman. He is the founder of Positive Passionate Motivated Advertising Agency LLC, a leading advertising agency based in Georgia, United States. 

Positive B White is best known for working alongside the Earl Lloyd Foundation to get a commemorative stamp with the U.S Postal Service for the late Earl Francis Lloyd (the first African American to play in the NBA). Over the years, he has worked with numerous high-profile clients including, Metro PCS, DTLR Clothing Store, The Atlanta Falcons, The Georgia Force, Chef Fly Cuisines, Pro ball player Markel Humphrey, Master Artist Cecil Bernard, Joy-Net Radio, and others.

White is the recipient of the 2001 Best Offensive Player Award and was a 1996 4x1 Junior Olympic Champion. He has been featured in leading media outlets including, Yahoo Finance, Bloomberg, Voyage ATL, and several others.


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I help Companies
and Brands grow online!

 I am passionate about helping Individuals, Companies, and Brands grow! A strong presence online is the key to being successful in this digital driven technology age.   
​I help brands gain more publicity and brand awareness by riding on campaigns and content that promote positivity and motivation.

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Dark Magazine

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